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All About Fulcrum Flooring

By now you are thinking why choose Fulcrum? 


Well, Fulcrum is not your average flooring company. We have an expert team of professionals that can assist with providing the correct solution for your needs.  We can service any industry including Commercial, Industrial, Medical and Residential with our extensive range of flooring solutions from Polished Concrete, Carpeting all the way through to HACCP Approved Polyurethane Screeds and Epoxy Floors. 

On top of the above, we have a fleet of HTC Diamond Grinders which allows us to do a range of services from fast and effective subfloor preparation, non-destructive refurbishing and Platinum Grade Polished Concrete. 

Oh and don't forget that we don't just do floors but wall cladding, bespoke concrete furniture and much much more.

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